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newly sprouted spring leaves on a Sand Oak (Quercus geminata) at Big Lagoon State Park.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bee Wares

Here at Piazza Uccello we have a laissez-faire attitude toward our bee/wasp populations, as in, I've already taken a hit for the team and nursed my first wasp sting. Unless they're in the tongue of the trailer or near the front or back doors they're pretty much in like Flynn. The carpenter bees are just as bold, making a home for themselves on our front porch (they're going through a relocation program at the moment) but the mason bees have simply disappeared. I did spring cleaning anyway, in case they ever show up again. It's been 6 or 7 years.


  1. I had trouble with a paucity of bees over our summer, and had to resort to a paint brush. I am growing up a bunch of marigolds each 6-monthly to try to get around that problem in future.

    1. I know there's a valley in China that grows pears as an industry and they hand pollinate each and every bloom. I suppose that's one way to keep everyone employed. It's a serious problem to be sure.