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newly sprouted spring leaves on a Sand Oak (Quercus geminata) at Big Lagoon State Park.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Train Series: CSX Rail Line: Train Crossing at Oakfield Road: In Case of Emergency

I'm recovering from a leg injury and decided to take up my photo blog again to get an assist with my rehab. The mind protects what it wants to protect and I thought it would get me out and about more than I would otherwise - and it has. Working around my still cork-screwed sense of balance also makes for some interesting work.

 (Click to enlarge.)
 In any case, for now, this is my new POV.
Emergency numbers are good to know when you're stalled out, as it were.


  1. Hey, screwed up points of view are the mark of great photographers! Hope you heal fast!

  2. My sense of balance is damaged, too. But it cannot be repaired, and will continue to degrade. I use a stick now, but a chair is only a few years off. I use photography as a means of getting out and about, too.